Hanriot HD 1 38" N027

Skill Level: Intermediate

More than 245 parts

Hanriot HD 1 38"

Scale: ~1/9
Prop: 10x6
Channels: R/E/A/T
Wheels: Balsa Ply w Neo Tires
Wingspan: 38"
Airfoil Type: Scale top, flat bottom
Wing Area: 336 sq in
Cowl: built up balsa and plywood
Designer: M.K. Bengtson
Weight: 24.5 oz ready to fly
Spinner: N/A
Prototype By: M.K. Bengtson
Power System: AXI 2808 brushless outrunner R/E/A with in-wing servos
Hanriot HD 1 38"

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  • One piece construction
  • Top and bottom wing alignment is built into design
  • Scale - No dihedral with ailerons
  • Scale number of ribs and riblets
  • Plywood  trailing edges
  • Box front fuselage, built up rear
  • Built up cowl


The Hanriot HD 1 was designed by Pierre Dupont. It was rejected by the French Air Service in late 1916, however it was selected by the air services of Belgium and Italy. It was the standard Italian fighter during World War I. While not as fast as the Albatros D series fighters, the HD 1 was reliable and extremely maneuverable. The HD.1 proved its worth throughout the war after entering service during the summer of 1917. Italian pilots equipped with the Hanriot HD 1 engaged and destroyed eleven German reconnaissance aircraft at Istrana, on 26 December 1917, without suffering a single lost aircraft. Willy Coppens, Belgium's famous ace and balloon buster, scored most of his victories flying the Hanriot HD 1 Our prototype is decked out in Willy Coppens color scheme.