Halberstadt DIII 36" N015

Skill Level: Intermediate

More than 160 parts

Halberstadt DIII 36"

Scale: ~1/9
Prop: 10x7
Channels: R/E/A/T
Wheels: Balsa Ply w Neo Tires
Wingspan: 36"
Airfoil Type: flat bottomed
Wing Area: 401 sq in
Cowl: N/A
Designer: M.K. Bengtson
Weight: 23 oz ready to fly
Spinner: N/A
Prototype By: Dave Ottney
Power System: GWS 300C with D gearbox
Halberstadt DIII 36"
Halberstadt DIII 36"

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Instruction Manual

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        • One piece construction
        • Top and bottom wing alignment is built into model
        • Scale - No dihedral with ailerons
        • Box front fuselage, built up rear
        • Built up cowl


The first single-seat scout product of the Halberstadter Flugzeug-Werke was the 100 h.p. Mercedes-engine D.I of late 1915. In 1916 the aircraft was again re-engined with the 120 h.p. Mercedes D.II, and went into production as the D II. The Halberstadt D.III, which followed, did not differ radically from the D.II. Powered by the Argus As II engine of 120 h.p. Aileron span was increased, with a considerable area of horn balance at the tips. The center-section cutout was also revised to a cleaner and near semicircular shape. Apart from a few minor modifications, the D.II and D.III were virtually identical. By the end of 1916 the Halberstadt D.II and D.III had become obsolescent and were largely withdrawn from active service or relegated to quieter sectors. However, while on operations they were able machines and were respected by their Allied adversaries.